TeakOrigin, a Food Data Company, Shows What’s “Inside” the Food We Eat

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TeakOrigin Guide, the world’s largest resource of searchable dynamic food data, helps consumers discover produce quality; launches pilots in Los Angeles and Boston

Today, TeakOrigin, a food data company on a mission to help consumers and businesses make the best possible food decisions, unveiled the TeakOrigin Guide  (www.teakoriginguide.com), a free resource designed to unearth the unique inner qualities of food. Using scientific and data-driven insights, TeakOrigin establishes the true quality, value, and nutritional state of top-selling fruits and vegetables compared to known standards and expectations. The TeakOrigin Guide currently displays results from top retailers in both Los Angeles and Boston, with plans to expand.

The TeakOrigin Guide is free and designed to empower consumers with a wealth of local retail produce data. The guide informs consumers as they make buying decisions and finally answers the question: Are we getting the food we’re paying for? We have expectations of freshness, taste, and nutritional value for all the produce we eat, but these quality expectations are based on subjective and inaccurate sensory-driven judgments, like how things look and feel.

“Shoppers might be shocked to learn the true nutrient quality and value of some of the produce they’re buying and feeding their families. We believe it’s critical that this information be measured and shared with consumers,” said Greg Shewmaker, Co-Founder of TeakOrigin. “We need to know what’s happening inside our food and stop judging our produce by its cover, so to speak. This is why we’ve spent the last six years working alongside some of the world’s top companies and institutions ensuring our methods are scientifically validated and that our approach is helpful to anyone seeking to make better food decisions.”

TeakOrigin is the first company to tackle this massive problem by building a practical, integrated solutioncombining analytical chemistry, optical spectroscopy, and machine learningfor rapid, nondestructive, and highly accurate quality assessment of foods’ authenticity, quality, and freshness that can be easily communicated to consumers.

TeakOrigin Guide

The TeakOrigin team assesses thousands of samples purchased at ten top grocers in Los Angeles and Boston every week to gather millions of data points and create up-to-date digital food models. We publish these never-before-seen insights each Friday in the TeakOrigin Guide, organized in an easy-to-use interface with search tools to present data that is accessible, actionable, and easily understood.

The guide features three main ranking categories for produce segments as well as grocers:

  • Quality Score: A measurement of the nutritional content of the produce, or the averaged nutritional content of all produce carried by the grocers.
  • Value Rank: A ranking of grocers delivering the highest quality at the best price.
  • Perception Rank: A ranking of how consumers perceive grocers’ produce quality.

The easy-to-navigate guide features a number of search tools for a deep dive into local produce data, including:

  • Search by Produce or Grocer: Investigate the quality and value of either individual types of produce in your area, or the overall quality and value from ten top grocers in your area (currently offered in Los Angeles and Boston).
  • Grocer Comparisons: Compare overall quality and value of stores in your area with a detailed dashboard that allows you to choose stores by the produce they carry, specific stores you already like, or all stores in your area, to find your most compatible options.
  • Customizable Produce Search: Choose a single type of produce or a selection, and find grocers with the highest quality and value for each individually, or as a collective shopping cart.
  • Produce Profiles: Dive into nutrient profiles of produce (vitamin c, potassium, antioxidants, etc.) to discover which  grocers have the produce with preferred quality and nutrient levels.
  • Historical Data: Track how quality and value change over time across all the produce a grocer carries, a specific type of produce at a specific grocer, or a specific type of produce across all grocers.

The initial focus is top-selling fruits and vegetables that include: apples (multiple varieties), avocados, bananas, blueberries, grapes (red/green), spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, with other foods in process.

TeakOrigin also has benefits designed specifically for retailers and is currently conducting early-stage pilot programs with two major grocers. These partners are using the data powering the TeakOrigin Guide to access deeper insights into their own businesses. One major grocer is using TeakOrigin to understand the actual quality of its produce and how it compares to that of its competitors, and its own internal standards. Another is focused on consumer satisfaction and how produce quality is perceived versus how its produce quality is performing.

If you’re a retailer and interested in learning about the pilot program, please visit: TeakOrigin.com/business.

About TeakOrigin

TeakOrigin (teakorigin.com) is a Boston-based team of entrepreneurs, and food and data scientists, who are on a mission to help people make better food decisions by enabling them to understand what’s happening inside of food. The TeakOrigin Guide (www.teakoriginguide.com) is a free resource that unearths the unique inner qualities of top-selling produce from local retailers. The TeakOrigin Guide is in Beta and currently offered in Los Angeles and Boston.

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