5 Nutrition Tips to Maximize Everyday Produce

Hi, Hilary Cunningham here, Product Director at TeakOrigin. I've long been passionate about our food and food systems and hold an MS in Nutrition Science & Policy. At TeakOrigin, our company's focus is understanding what's happening inside the food we buy and eat, starting with the produce featured in our TeakOrigin Guide.

4 Tips to Make Your Fridge Last

At TeakOrigin, we care about what's happening inside food. That usually means testing produce to find the exact, scientifically-verified, nutrient levels. But as we limit our trips out of the house to busy grocery stores, we're also trying to make our food, and its nutrients, last as long as possible in the fridge.

Vitamin C in Your Produce: What TeakOrigin Data Reveals

Target and Walmart showed the least amount of variance in vitamin C in strawberries. (Variance shows how far apart numbers are spread out compared to the average.) This means that both stores had the most consistent levels of vitamin C in strawberries.

Introducing TeakOrigin's Lab@Home

What's a food data company to do when its lab has to close due to COVID-19 quarantining? Set up at home! Like many of you, we're distressed by what's happening around us. As a team we're focusing on the positives, looking for opportunities to help our local communities, and continuing to push forward.

Today's fresh food is built around an illusion

When shopping for fresh produce, have you ever asked any of these questions? This looks great, but is it? My diet app says this has high levels of nutrition, but does it? Am I really getting what I'm paying for? Is this worth it?

You Are What You Eat; but WHAT Are You Eating?

It's rare to find a wellness trend today without some sort of dietary requirement. From paleo to vegan, those promoting self-improvement often start with what will become you: your food. And if it's accepted that what you're eating is the key to being well - isn't it worth paying attention to what's actually in your food?

Carotenoids: A Part of Nature's Rainbow

With a societal push towards healthier eating, you may have heard the phrase "eat the rainbow." But when it comes to fruits and vegetables, what do those colors actually mean and why are some fruits more colorful than others? Blueberries get their deep blue from anthocyanins, while asparagus gets its green color from chlorophyll.