These Predicted 2025 Food Trends Prove The Future’s Looking…Interesting?

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Hilary Cunningham, Product Director at TeakOrigin, dropped some knowledge to Delish for their article looking at food trends. Read the full article here and the TeakOrigin excerpt below.

“….Don’t judge a fruit by its cover.

Close up of woman's hand putting fresh produce into shopping cart while grocery shopping in supermarket
Rather than choosing produce that looks good to the naked eye, we’ll be able to choose vegetables based on the nutrients they have in them. TeakOrigin, a food data company, uses spectroscopy—the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation—to measure the nutrient levels in a fruit or vegetable. “Nutrients are gone if produce sits too long on the shelf,” says Hilary Cunningham, Product Director at TeakOrigin. “We can take a specific apple and tell you the exact amounts of nutrients it has.”



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