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What’s a food data company to do when its lab has to close due to COVID-19 quarantining? Set up at home!

Like many of you, we’re distressed by what’s happening around us. As a team we’re focusing on the positives, looking for opportunities to help our local communities, and continuing to push forward.

Before COVID-19, we’d be in the office running tests, collecting data from the field, and building food models to support our mission of understanding what’s happening inside food. We’d use this data to inform our weekly update of the TeakOrigin Guide, our free resource that unearths and shares the unique inner qualities of top-selling produce from local retailers.

But, things have changed; we’ve paused standard data collection in Los Angeles and Boston for worker safety and to keep produce on the shelves. However, as a team, we agreed that home quarantining doesn’t mean the science has to stop.

Consumer concerns have changed, and we’re seeing ripple effects of COVID-19 in every industry, especially lab-based research efforts after the closing of wet labs across the country. One result? Most countries have stopped governmental food inspections due to worker health concerns, even though they’re still distributing food. We’re looking at how TeakOrigin tests can help fill that gap.

Introducing TeakOrigin Lab@Home: Measuring Nutrition Degradation @ Home

Just because we’re quarantined, doesn’t mean we have to stop pursuing our mission to understand what’s happening inside the food we buy and eat.

For April, instead of city-wide tests and comparisons that focus on determining quality and value at particular stores, we’ll monitor and measure how storage methods at home affect nutrition degradation over time.

We’ve established a decentralized testing team to create the TeakOrigin Lab@Home. Every team member is contributing to the Lab@Home project in some capacity — some employees even have spectrometers set up on their kitchen tables

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