Could TeakOrigin’s data-based “language” around food quality help ailing supply chains during Covid-19?

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Read more about TeakOrigin in AgFunder’s Startup Spotlight. Co-founder, Greg Shewmaker, shares details about the company’s history, our technology, journey, and what the company is doing amid COVID-19 with our Lab@Home project.


How has Covid-19 impacted your business to-date?

To date, our business has been impacted in three different ways. First, early in the shutdown process, we made the decision to stop our daily collection of food quality data in Los Angeles and Boston grocery stores for the TeakOrigin Guide. This was done primarily to protect our team but also to make sure we weren’t taking food off the shelves that needed to go to families stocking up and preparing for quarantine. This also delayed our formal roll-out of the TeakOrigin Guide to those communities.

Next, we were preparing to launch a couple of multi-city pilots with a large US retailer. The goal was to help the retailer improve its customers’ perception of the retailer’s fresh offering. Obviously, COVID-19 shifted everyone’s focus to availability, so we jointly made the decision to delay these pilots until things begin to look somewhat normal again.

Lastly, as has been reported in the news, testing labs around the world have gone dark (at least those not working on Covid-19) and food inspectors have stopped field assessments on fresh foods moving through the global supply chain. We didn’t want this to stop our work building out and testing food models so we created a decentralized “lab@home” for TeakOrigin team members to continue performing lab-grade analysis of nutrition while sheltering in place at home.

Both scientists and non-scientists at our company took instruments home with them and have been analyzing the quality of fresh produce they’re buying and feeding their families. We’ve been able to share some of these results with producers and retailers and plan to share more information directly with other consumers in the coming weeks.

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