Nutrition Data for Consumers

The TeakOrigin Guide is a free resource designed to empower consumers with local produce data. TeakOrigin establishes the true quality, value, and nutritional state of top-selling fruits and vegetables compared to known standards and expectations. The Guide finally answers the question: Are we getting the food we’re paying for?

Understand the quality of food at Grocers near you every week

The TeakOrigin team assesses thousands of samples every week to gather millions of data points that allow us to create up-to-date digital food models. We measure the nutritional content of these foods (Quality Score), rank grocers on delivering the highest quality at the best price (Value Rank), and compare that to what consumers think about grocers’ produce quality (Perception Rank). We publish these insights each Friday, organized in an easy-to-use interface with search tools to present data that is accessible, actionable, and easily understood.

Start by searching by grocers or produce, and use our handy search features like grocer comparisons, a personalized shopping cart to screen for only the produce you care about, and produce profiles that explain the exact nutrient levels of produce in each grocery store. Dive in and find out what’s really inside the food you buy and eat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TeakOrigin?

Great question! At the heart, we’re a food data company on a mission to help people make the best possible food decision by seeing and understanding what’s happening inside the food we buy and eat.

What does TeakOrigin do?

TeakOrigin is the first company to develop a practical, integrated solution – combining analytical chemistry, optical spectroscopy and machine learning – for rapid, nondestructive, and highly accurate quality assessment of fresh foods.

Why do we need a TeakOrigin?

Are we getting what we’re paying for? We squeeze, inspect, and sniff our fruits and vegetables, but it doesn’t reveal anything about taste, freshness, or, most importantly, nutritional value. There’s no accurate way to verify if the fresh foods we buy, and eat are truly as fresh and nutritious as we trust they are. What you can see, feel and smell doesn’t tell you the full story of what’s beneath the surface.

Today food is sold based on two factors: 1. Quantity or weight and, 2. How it looks to the eye. We believe that what’s beneath the surface of your food—the actual nutrients and quality—is how food should be measured and sold. Since no standards existed to accurately and affordably measure these metrics, we decided to create them.

What makes TeakOrigin unique?

Other companies have attempted, or claimed, to bring food quality tests to the market but have failed to provide sufficient or accurate data. TeakOrigin is the first company to tackle this massive problem by building a practical, integrated solution for rapid, nondestructive, and highly accurate quality assessment of foods’ authenticity, quality, and freshness that can be easily communicated to consumers.

We’ve spent several years working alongside some of the top companies and institutions in the food and science industries to get our solution right.

What technology does TeakOrigin use?

By combining the scientific rigor of a chemistry lab with the realities of how we buy and eat food, we’ve developed a way to know, rather than assume, what food is.

We do this by “decoding food” and determining what’s inside. We use a combination of traditional chemistry techniques, the molecular power of optical spectroscopy, and machine learning to analyze the chemical properties and key indicators of foods’ authenticity, quality and freshness.

This gives us millions of data points and never-before-seen insights we share with you in the TeakOrigin Guide.

As a bonus, no produce is harmed in this data collection. TeakOrigin’s methods are fast, small, relatively low-cost, and non-destructive to the food being tested. Samples are donated to local food banks and associated organizations.

What’s the TeakOrigin Guide?

TeakOrigin Guide is a free resource designed to unearth the unique inner qualities of food.

The TeakOrigin team assesses thousands of samples purchased at ten top grocers in Los Angeles and Boston (our pilot cities) every week to gather millions of data points and create up-to-date digital food models.
The initial focus is top-selling fruits and vegetables that include: apples (multiple varieties), avocados, bananas, blueberries, grapes (red/green), spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, with other foods in process.

We publish these never-before-seen insights each Friday in the TeakOrigin Guide, organized in an easy-to-use interface with search tools to present data that is accessible, actionable, and easily understood. The guide features three main categories to explore:

Quality Score: A measurement of the nutritional content of the produce, or the averaged nutritional content of all produce carried by the grocers.

Value Rank: A ranking of grocers delivering the highest quality at the best price.

Perception Rank: A ranking of how consumers perceive grocers’ produce quality.

What cities are the TeakOrigin guide currently supporting?

The TeakOrigin Guide currently displays results from top retailers in both Los Angeles and Boston, with plans to expand.

When will TeakOrigin guide come to my market?**

We are eager to tackle new markets. Help us decide which cities we should focus on next!

Subscribe to the guide and share your location with us to help inform where to go next.

How do I use the TeakOrigin Guide?

From our home page choose whether you’d like to search by grocer or produce. Choose the produce or grocers that are most important to you and compare the quality and value of both. We update this data every Friday- so come back every week to understand where to find the best quality and value-driven produce.

How do you make money? Is this free to use?

The TeakOrigin Guide is free to consumers and 100% independent from grocers, so you can count on us to let you know where to find the highest quality food, at the best value, objectively. We fund our research by partnering with retailers and food producers to give them greater insight into our data sets so they can improve their own results.

Who is the team behind TeakOrigin?

TeakOrigin is headquartered in Boston and features a team of scientists and entrepreneurs who’ve come together around a mutual passion: food. You can learn more about us on the TeakOrigin Team page (

Who do I contact if I have feedback about the TeakOrigin Guide?

We’d love to hear from you. Please share feedback and ideas to: