TeakOrigin Guide for Retailers

TeakOrigin gives food retailers visibility into the nutritional state of fresh foods moving throughout their supply chain and stores. With TeakOrigin insights, retailers can improve quality, decrease waste, and satisfy more customers.

In-Store Food Quality Performance

We provide near lab-grade food quality assessments in the field at the speed and cost necessary for your business. Our data collection techniques are fast, low-cost, and non-destructive to food.

Our deep analytics engine can ingest thousands of individual samples every day and develop actionable insights about your in-store produce quality.


Supply Chain Food Quality Performance

We provide the same near lab-grade food quality assessments throughout your supply chain, allowing us to identify where quality is lost. By using the same language for supply chain and in-store analysis, our insights allow your business to evaluate and identify quality, waste, and sourcing efficiency as never before.

Customer Satisfaction

We help keep your customers happy by identifying the attributes that are associated with better quality food at point of sale. Additionally, these insights can be easily validated by, or shared with, customers through easy to understand scoring – both online and in stores.


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