Measuring Nutrition for Retailers

By creating a standard way to measure nutritional value in fresh foods, TeakOrigin is able to tell food Retailers the nutritional quality of their food and why their food performs nutritionally better or worse than their competitors.

Nutrition is Variable

Did you know that an apple is not the same as any other apple? Two identical ripe Honeycrisp apples, sourced from the same orchard, picked at the same time on the same day, and shipped in the same manner, may not have the same nutritional value. In fact, the vitamins and minerals in one apple may widely diverge from the apple resting next to it.

Through our proprietary technology and methodology you can now receive lab-grade food nutrition assessments for use in the field that are both fast and non-destructive to food.


TeakOrigin’s Solution

Every week, we collect nutrition data at top supermarkets such as Costco, Whole Foods, and Walmart. We measure nutrients inside thirteen of the most popular produce varieties per store, collecting 20,000+ data points per month giving us the world’s deepest insight into a country’s nutrition performance ever.

With this data, food retailers can now answer critical questions about the food they buy and sell, whether it’s identifying the right time to harvest; how food is changing throughout the supply chain; what the nutrient levels are in food or are consumers and retailers alike getting what they paid for.


Taking the Measure

We now have the most current reference for nutrition in the US and built an easily searchable framework that more accurately represents the nutrition in food that people and businesses purchase and eat each month.

Information is to be shared, and our dataset is intended to help food retailers and producers to answer questions on nutritional quality. Businesses can query the database for specific questions relevant to the operations, and, more broadly, we’ll share key findings in the TeakOrigin Guide slated to be released in January 2021.

We want everyone to know what they eat.


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