About Us

We have expectations of freshness, taste, and nutritional value for all the produce we eat, but these food quality expectations are based on subjective and inaccurate sensory-driven judgements, like how things look and feel.

TeakOrigin is the first company to tackle the massive problem of accurately measuring produce’s true quality and value by building a practical, integrated, science-backed solution. Our team uses a combination of advanced scientific procedures including analytical chemistry, optical spectroscopy and machine learning. Our tests are rapid, nondestructive and highly accurate. We use these tests to create data models that fuel our TeakOrigin guide, a free resource designed to share the unique inner qualities of food with consumers.

We offer this resource to the public for free, because we want to help everyone make better food decisions. Our team also works with grocers and companies in the food supply chain in order to help improve the quality of the food we all buy and eat